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About us

Accountax provides a range of expert operational or strategic advice and financial services by
professionals to its clients which includes personal, private and public companies/corporations and NGO
/ Government Organizations across the globe by understanding the client’s needs. Our experts have the
potential and professional competence to work and operate in dynamic and pressurized environments.
Our clients are satisfied that their financial records and taxation matters are in responsible and safe
Working with us has many benefits for YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR KEY STAKEHOLDERS. Our focus is
on how organizations can create value and provide mutual benefits to their customers/clientele and
themselves. We believe that we are the need of time as the regulations pertaining to Tax matters are
becoming rigorous and the compliance needs to be done at any cost.
We use creative approaches to consultancy, which combine the modern thinking with both grounded
theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. We ensure that the whole business cooperation process
is fully supervised and controlled.

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